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"Secretos", Estrella TV's hottest scripted drama, just turned up the heat for this fall. Now every action-packed "mini-novela" episode features huge guest stars straight from Mexico.

Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento

Estrella TV is very proud to present the biggest and best talent competition on Spanish language television.

Estrella TV Reel

Estrella is bringing the best programing to your area with a number of hit shows in it's programming.

El Show De Lagrimita y Costel

Lagrimita y Costel are a pair of legendary comedy performers that are now exclusively appearing on Estrella TV's funniest hour-long variety show!

José Luis Sin Censura

“José Luis Sin Censura” is a fast-paced talk show hosted by José Luis Gonzalez, a popular TV personality who created and hosted “Quién Tiene La Razón, and hosted “La Corte de Familia”.

Los Chuperamigos

"Los Chuperamigos" is an ensemble of Mexico's most famous comedic actors and writers delivering a completely original half-hour sitcom.

A Que No Puedes

"A Que No Puedes" is an exciting new program where celebrities win big money for their favorite charities.

Estudio 2

"Estudio 2" is the most ambitious new musical variety show in Spanish-language television.

Alarma TV

Hosted by well-known actors Lianna Grethel and Televisa novela star Jorge Antolín, Alarma TV delivers compelling stories, investigative reports, original features, and other can’t-miss segments.